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Herbs to have in your Emergency Bug-Out Bag


Disasters are happening around us all the time. Earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, and more seem to plague the earth. What's worse is that we have no control over these elements. The most we can do is be prepared.

While we shouldn't live in fear of being stuck in our homes for days in the event of a disaster, we should be prepared and aware of our surroundings.

A bug-out bag is a great place to start. A bug-out bag, or personal emergency relocation kit (PERK), is a portable kit that carries all the necessities one would need to survive for 72-hours in the event of evacuation. In the event of a natural disaster, home fire, or power outage, this bug-out bag should have everything you'll need if you are forced to leave your home.

A typical bug-out bag will carry the following:

Now, your first aid kit should include the basics, such as antiseptics Herbal Antiseptic, antihistamines, Immune Boost and Lungs Plus Formula, bandages and gauze. You should not forget about herbs to have in your first aid kit and bug-out bag. Here is a list of herbs you may want to include:

Being prepared with a bug-out kit and an herbal first aid kit will help ease your mind and put your worries to rest. Be prepared with these supplies and herbs in the event of an emergency at your home.

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