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There are no incurable diseases. There is always hope. For those looking for what to do or what else can be done. This checklist can act as a guide. The more you do the better and quicker your results. This checklist can help you cleanse and build all the systems of the body. Of course, we must advise that consultation with a health care professional is recommended where disease is present. However, there are some things you can do to support your body's natural healing process and these can be discussed with your health care professional.

  1. Juice/Herb Tea = 1 gallon per day (This is inclusive of everything you drink during the day)
  2. 100% Vegetarian-Vegan Diet - emphasize organic fruits and vegetables. If you are seriously ill consume only fresh carrot juice. Eight to sixteen ounces every waking hours (about a gallon of fresh carrot juice daily). Once you are off the juices you can go to a diet of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, and soaked and sprouted beans and grains. Find organic produce grown locally. Absolutely no animal flesh, eggs, milk or milk products (cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.). No cooked foods (breads, baked potatoes, tofu, etc.)
  3. No alcohol or caffeine, soda pop, or foods with artificial flavors, colors, etc.
  4. Wear only natural fiber clothing such as cotton, linen, silk and wool.
  5. No perfumes, lotions, chemicals worn on the body. Use castile soaps.
  6. No refined flours or sugars in the diet - only whole grains and starches.
  7. Take Earth's Nutrition - 3 times per day (2 Tablespoons)
  8. Take Immune Boost every waking hour
  9. Cayenne pepper - 1 teaspoon 3x/day or use capsules - work up to this dosage
  10. Garlic - 8 to 10 cloves per day if really ill, 2 to 3 per day maintenance
  11. Carrot Juice - 8 cups daily - count this towards your 1 gallon per day
  12. Freshly ground flax seed 2-4 Tablespoons sprinkled over salad or food every day.
  13. Colon Cleanse to insure 2 to 3 normal bowel movements every day
  14. Colon Cleanse Program every third week
  15. Liver Flush Program every other week
  16. Liver/Gallbladder Formula - take during Liver Flush Program
  17. Kidney Flush Program alternate with Liver Flush Program
  18. Drink Liver Detox Tea - 3 to 6 cups daily during Liver Flush Program
  19. Drink Kidney/Bladder Tea - 3 to 6 cups daily during Kidney Flush Program
  20. Kidney-Bladder Formula - take during Kidney Flush Program
  21. Blood Detox Formula - Take 3 times daily
  22. Essiac Tea - take 3 ounces morning and evening
  23. Potassium Broth - 3 to 6 cups daily
  24. Hot/Cold Hydrotherapy - focus on afflicted area 15 minutes 2 to 5x/daily
  25. Dry skin brushing 2x/daily
  26. CTR ointment applied to afflicted area 3 to 6x/daily
  27. Complete Tissue Repair syrup 1-3 teaspoons taken 3 times daily
  28. Castor oil packs with hot water bottle 2-3x/daily over afflicted area
  29. High Enemas 2-3x/week depending on condition or illness.
  30. Cold Sheet Treatment each week.
  31. Massage - daily w/olive oil - Foot Reflexology should be done as well
  32. Exercise - for one hour each day - walking is best
  33. Sun/Air bath 15 minutes daily - work up to this much time. Avoid getting enough sun at any one time that you burn.
  34. Deep Breathing Exercises Daily
  35. Barefoot on the grass 15 minutes daily
  36. Take a short nap daily
  37. Meditation - work up to 45 minutes daily - breath observation meditation and other meditation that you find appropriate in your studies.
  38. Prayer 2 to 3 times daily
  39. Think only uplifting positive thoughts.
  40. Help others.
  41. Discover your mission and purpose in life. Look to your illness/injury as a spiritual awaking. An opportunity for introspection and self- discovery to put you on or recommit you to the correct spiritual path.
  42. Focus on Healing your life, not just your body.
  43. Forgive and let go of past hurts, traumas, betrayals, etc. You can not heal if you do not release fear, anger, hate, guilt, etc. Hanging on to negative feeling will canker your soul. Repent (change your heart) and Forgive (let go of negativity).
  44. Read uplifting books. Read Healing into Life and Death by Stephen Levine. Study, grasp and practice the principles that are taught in this book. Our life and our healing is more than just our body.
  45. Become a student of your healing. Strive to learn from it.
  46. Above all follow the inner voice of your spirit. It will guide, direct and teach you what you need to do. The road to health (spiritual and physical) is not designed to be easy, it will be a spiritual journey of discovering who you really are.

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