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Two-Minute Herb - Aloe vera


Aloe vera is one of my favorite plants. It is an easy plant to grow and can be very pretty.

Its medicinal use dates back to 16th century BC where its use is recorded on papyrus [4]. Aloe is often for skin concerns most commonly for sunburns, but it is also used as a laxative and for general digestive concerns.

Studies have shown that Aloe vera can improve skin hydration [5]. More than this, Aloe vera may enhance the absorption of other substances into the skin [6]. One of the scientific mysteries to this plant is that it appears that combinations of the substances in Aloe vera work together to produce results rather than any one substance [7]. This means that it is critical to use a complete form of the herb rather than a standardized form.

Aloe vera likely reduces inflammation, mobility, and stress of the gut when taken before serious complications [1]. Aloe vera may reduce inflammation by suppressing bacteria that causes inflammation [2]. Other lab tests also show that Aloe vera may interfere with activation of free radicals [3].

Be careful not to use Aloe vera during pregnancy as it can cause complications.

Aloe vera is in Western Botanicals' colon products such as Colon Cleanse and Happy Colon as well as our topical products CTR and Essential Skin Care.

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