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What to do before the lights go out!


We get up in the morning with uncertainty as to where the events of each day will take us. Economists tell us that our American economy has been falsely buoyed up for years and could easily collapse. Epidemiologists announce that a major outbreak of the next deadly epidemic is not a matter of IF but WHEN. Scientists worldwide suggest that we are on the verge of or overdue for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and major storms on a grander scale than what we have previously experienced.

Years ago (1998), I felt the strong need to write a book on how to take care of ourselves. I feel even more strongly now that we may be entering into a time where we may have to become increasingly self-sufficient. In 2000, Herbal First Aid and Health Care: Medicine for a New Millennium was released by Lotus Press (available online at This book can be an excellent resource for you.

In spite of all the fear and angst, life is incredibly wonderful in so many ways. We have endless knowledge at our fingertips. We have brilliant and amazing music and entertainment to enjoy. We have opportunities to learn and grow and share with others. And we have enough affluence that we can devote time everyday to serving and helping others. With so many positive things going on, it is easy to grow complacent because of the relative ease of life. Most of us struggle, not with survival issues (enough food, water, shelter, safety) but with relationships, getting ahead, and the day-to-day busyness we all get caught up in. Perhaps it is time we reassess and begin to make some preparations for potential changes.

We should all work to become more prepared for unexpected changes in our community, country or world that may occur. Being well stocked and prepared can calm much fear and anxiety.

Our First Tier of Preparedness is what the Red Cross and FEMA call a 72-hour kit. This is a small backpack that contains everything you may need to "grab and go" and sustain yourself without any outside help for 3 days. Food, water, change of clothes, medicines (herbal in our case), emergency phone numbers, etc. There are many lists of what to include on the internet. Again 72-hours of survival is the key. You should also consider the needs of your pets and animals. Discuss possible plans or scenarios with your household.

The Second Tier of Preparedness would be for a three-week period that you may need to stay at home. If for some reason, we could not go to the store (caused by anything from a major earth-changing catastrophe to quarantine issues to a trucking/railway strike), we should have enough food, water, and provisions that we could get by for 3 weeks. You should also have a first aid kit that has enough supplies to treat infectious illnesses, cuts, and wounds. Begin to prepare for this when you go to the store next time. Purchase a few extra cans or boxes of non-perishable food and tuck it away. You will be amazed at what you can accumulate in a short time.

The Third Tier of Preparedness is to have enough food and resources that you could get by for three months or longer. Being a part of a community, I believe, is vital to getting by during difficult times. Whether your community is those who live within your neighborhood, within your church or some other close-knit organization, developing relationships and friendships will bless and enrich your life whether you ever need to pull together for a disaster or not. After you are satisfied with your 3-week supply, begin expanding your resources and network. There are lots of good buys when you purchase in bulk.

Here are additional things you should consider during the second and third tiers of preparedness.

Anti-Plague Syrup - two - 16 oz bottles per person
Complete Tissue Repair - one - 5 oz jar per person
Bountiful Blend - two jars per person
Earth's Nutrition one jar per person
Colon Cleanse - one - 240 capsule size jar per person
Colon Detox - one jar of capsules and one jar of powder per family
Immune Boost - one - 4 oz bottle per person
Lobelia - one - 2 oz bottle per family
Cayenne - one - 2 oz bottle per family
Goldenseal - one - 4 oz powdered bulk herb per family
Nerve Calm - one - 2 oz bottle per person
Herbal First Aid & Health Care - one copy per household. (Even though I wrote this book,
I still refer to it - you don't need to remember everything - just know where to find it).

I urge each of you to consider storing those things that you may need. If you are comfortable in preparing your own herbal formulas, I have recipes for many of these in my book Herbal First Aid and Health Care. Purchase the dry bulk herbs from Western Botanicals Inc. and you can save a bundle. You can even keep the herbs in a safe, dry, cool place for 3 to 5 years and they will be ready when you are.

Few will disagree that we are living in a time of transition. It is not a time for fear or worry. I often tell people that we are right on schedule and everything is as it should be. It is a time for work and preparation. A time to foster friendships, hone our skills and cultivate a sense of community. So sit down with those you love and review these suggestions and decide how you should act upon them.

With Blessings of Love and Gratitude,

Kyle D. Christensen, DC, ND, MH
September 2008

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