5 Herbs for the Brain

According to a recent article on AARP’s website, 93% of Americans feel that brain health is important but are unaware of natural ways to address it. Because the brain develops constantly, it is important to keep it healthy in order to maintain long-term functionality. There are several natural approaches to help promote a healthy brain. Here are five herbs offered by Western Botanicals, Inc. that are said to help your brain stay sharp for the future:

Rosemary: Memory Support

Whether you struggle to remember a birthday or your “to-do” list at work, this common kitchen herb may be able to assist your memory. Research has shown that simply smelling Rosemary leaf can improve your attention and help support memory, particularly in regards to instructions and future tasks.

Turmeric: Antioxidant Compounds

Popular in many Indian dishes, Turmeric root is a known source of curcumin, an antioxidant capable of promoting brain health.

Ashwagandha: Stress Reduction

Ashwagandha root, known as an “adaptogen” can help the body manage stress. This great herb supports healthy cortisol levels, concentration, supports healthy blood sugar levels and can even support healthy immune function.

Gotu Kola: Blood Circulation

Blood flow is essential to providing glucose to the brain for much needed energy, which is why it uses 20% of the body’s blood. Gotu Kola herb is known to support the blood flow to the brain to help it get the glucose it needs. This herb has been known to support healthy veins and vessels throughout the entire circulatory system.


Cayenne can provide an added punch to your blood circulation, especially when paired with fellow circulation booster Gotu Kola (mentioned above). In addition to many other benefits, this one-two punch can be just what you need to get that blood up to the top.

While taking these herbs in their isolated state can be beneficial, consider trying our Brain Circulation Formula to consolidate the herb power. In addition to most of the herbs mentioned above, this formula also contains Kola NutGinko leaf, and Calamus root. Kola Nut acts as an energy booster, while Calamus and Ginko are used for focus and mental clarity.