Emergency Preparedness 4 Important Herbs

You never know when a disaster will strike. Whether it is environmental, such as a storm or cataclysmic event, or the product of man, such as a massive power outage, it is always good to be prepared.

Being prepared means a lot of things. It can mean that you and your family have a planned escape route and designated meeting place. It can mean that you have a carefully secured stock of clean water and/or an associated emergency pack. Most of all, it means that you are ready for the unknown so that you can successfully navigate a disaster or uncontrollable situation.

While many of us will not be in a position that requires us to survive for an extensive amount of time with only what we have in our reserves, there will definitely be isolated incidents that require the use of a basic survival pack. See the article from April for items to include in your bug-out bag.

Some items that you want to consider when putting together your emergency kit are herbs. When responding to an emergency, you will want to be in a calm and comfortable state as much as you possibly can. With the right mix of herbs, you can feel confident in your ability to combat unforeseen incidents that may take place.

Of the herbs to consider stashing in your emergency kit, we would like to highlight just a few – four to be exact: ginger rootgarlic bulbcinnamon bark, and cayenne pepper.