A message from Western Botanicals about COVID-19

As your trusted partner for premium herbal supplements manufacturing, Western Botanicals/WB Blends continues to monitor the developments related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Our team operates with the goals of ensuring the safety of our stakeholders, the availability of our products, and compliance with public health and other government authority guidance.

We incorporate response procedures into our business continuity planning and incident response policy that enable us to respond quickly to such a dynamic scenario with due care for our employees, clients, vendors, and partners alike.

  • We consider Western Botanicals/WB Blends to be an essential business, and have been recognized by government authorities as such.
  • Communications have been distributed to all Western Botanicals/WB Blends employees reminding them to use social distancing, avoid in person meetings, discourage any non-essential visitors to our facility and practice enhanced personal hygiene.
  • We take the following additional steps to limit the threat of Covid-19 exposure at our facility:
    • Daily, we take the temperatures of all employees and required visitors entering the facilities. Anyone testing above 100.4 degrees is not permitted in the facility.
    • We ask all employees and required visitors a series of questions to detect virus exposure and limit access if needed.
    • Daily sanitation of all door handles.

Although our facility continues to be open to you at this time, we are compelled to reduce or eliminate visitor access to protect our team and ensure continuity of operations for all customers.

Since March 21, 2020, we have had the following policy in place: If you find it necessary to visit Western Botanicals, you must have previously scheduled appointment. Please call our office to schedule an appointment – 801-798-7550 for yourself and/or any other visitor who you wish to authorize. We regret that unscheduled visitors cannot be accommodated until further notice.

By scheduling a visit, visitors, or their authorized administrators will effectively acknowledge that:

  • No persons will visit Western Botanicals/WB Blends with cold or flu symptoms.
  • All non-Western Botanicals/WB Blends employees will limit contact and practice social distancing (6 feet separation of personal space) with Western Botanicals/WB Blends employees and any other persons when visiting.
  • All visitors to our manufacturing facility will practice sanitization of workspace and must use liquid soap and disposable towels available in restrooms at least upon arrival, as well as before departure.

Western Botanicals/WB Blends will continue to monitor the status of this rapidly evolving public health concern through the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other government authorities relevant to each of our locations. If it becomes necessary to adjust business processes as a result of a broader public health response, Western Botanicals/WB Blends will notify you and take appropriate action to minimize potential impact.

Thank you for your attention to this important information. We’re committed to ensuring that our products remain continuously available to you so we can be resilient, together. If you have questions for our team in the meantime, call our office at 801-798-7550.

Please visit us on the web at: www.westernbotanicals.com and www.wbblends.com.

Kindest regards,

Don Shaver, CEO