Herbal Supplements to Support Womens Health

Being a woman comes with challenges unique to her sex. One of those challenges centers around her health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For a woman to unlock her own amazing strength and capacity within to be a blessing to others, she must take care of herself.

To help you feel strong and empowered through good health, we suggest you make whole herbs a part of your daily health routine. Where there are whole books written about herbal remedies for women’s concerns, we would like to suggest a few herbs and formulas that you may find beneficial no matter your stage of life.

Female Balance Formula

Western Botanicals Female Balance Formula contains several herbs that have been used for centuries to support optimum female health.

Dong Quai root and Angelica root are used to support and energize the reproductive organs as well as the digestive, circulatory, and endocrine systems. Motherwort, another balancing herb, helps facilitate emotional calm when feeling stressed and tense. For those women experiencing the blessings and woes of menopause, it can help with hot flashes, mood swings, and heart health. Overall, the combination of herbs in our Female Balance Formula can be helpful for women at all stages from puberty to menopause.

Nerve Calm Formula

Help alleviate the symptoms of an upset nervous system the natural way. Our Nerve Calm Formula combines the best herbs for soothing the body. The herbs in this formula are known to be calming and can assist with relaxation. Valerian rootLobelia herb/seedPassion flower, and Chamomile flower are some of the herbs, in potent tincture form, included in our Nerve Calm Formula.

Earth’s Nutrition Formula

As part of any health-building regimen, we suggest including Earth’s Nutrition Formula. This naturally balanced blend of whole foods is specifically formulated to supply you with natural sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and essential trace nutrients. Use this powerful greens drink as you seek to support energy, vitality, lose weight, or build better health. High in B vitamins, it can provide excellent support for women’s health.

Weightloss Formula

Where we would encourage you to promote a positive self-image no matter your shape or size, weight loss is generally a concern for many females. If you feel your weight is holding you back from being your best self, try our Weightloss Formula. This combination of herbs supports healthy glands and organs as you adjust your lifestyle choices to approach and maintain a healthy weight. Burdock root contains numerous compounds that are known to have been anti-oxidant and health promoting properties. Gymnema leaf supports blood sugar levels and reduces sugar cravings. Experts agree reducing sugar intake is one of the best things you can do for your health. Hawthorn Leaf & Flower are important supports for a healthy heart and circulatory system. Fennel seeds have a scent and taste similar to that of anise and a long history as a slimming aid.


Cranberry is best known for its strength in supporting a healthy urinary tract. Many cranberry drinks have large amounts of sugar in them, to alleviate the tartness found in straight cranberry juice. We suggest taking Cranberry/Buchu capsules with fresh water instead. You avoid the extra sugar and still get the power punch found in this anti-oxidant rich berry. You might also want to try our Kidney/Bladder Formula and Tea. Another powerful herbal combination for the urinary tract.

Whatever your health challenges are, remember that it is in the midst of your challenges that you find your inner strength. Whatever your health goals are remember that knowledge of and the power of whole herbs can be one of your best allies.