Herbs for the 5 Senses

Want to get the most out of your five senses? Western Botanicals has come up with this list of herbs that can help to benefit each of your five senses. Try them each out or just skip down to your favorite sense for a delightful, healthy treat!


The eyebright plant has flowers which resemble eyes, which is fitting because it is one of the best herbs to support eye health. It helps to reduce eye irritation and may assist in maintaining eye health.

Herbal Eyebright Complex is a formula designed to support optimal function.

Bilberry leaf is another herb that can benefit the eyes. Eating bilberry can help support your vision, especially at night.

Another herb that can help with eye problems is gingko biloba. It supports blood flow to the eye. It has recently become popular in addressing eye health.


In addition to supporting eye problems, gingko biloba can also help with hearing as it can aid in circulation to the head, including the ears. It also helps to assist the removal of undesired matter that may have built up in the ears.

Other herbs that can benefit your hearing include rosemary leafpassion flowerplantain leaf, and yarrow flower. These herbs can help support your hearing as well as circulation so that your ears receive optimal blood flow. Mistletoe can also be beneficial, but should be used with caution. Take five drops of tincture or less to soothe hearing problems. You can also try our Herbal Ear Drops.

Adding sesame seeds to your diet has also been known to help hearing.


Western Botanicals offers a variety of formulas to relieve sinus problems and runny noses, such as our Seasonal Sinus FormulaHerbal Snuff Powder, and ImmuSootheEucalyptus oil can also help get rid of that stuffy nose. It is found in many oils and rubs and can help loosen phlegm. To use, add a few drops of our eucalyptus oil to a bowl of steaming water. Make sure to keep your face at arm’s length away from the bowl and breathe in the steam for 10 minutes for best results.


Want to add some flavor to your food while improving your health? Then try adding some basil leafcilantro leaf, chives, dillmintparsley, or one of the many other herbs we have to offer. We also have formulas to help throat pain, such as our Herbal Throat Soothe and Herbal Throat Spray. Take one of these formulas to soothe your throat and get your taste buds back to normal.

Herbal Mouthwash is a great daily addition to your oral health routine. It is formulated with herbs that assist with healthy gums.


One herb that can help with touch is chamomile. Not only does it help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but it can support the healing process of skin as well.

Aloe vera is another popular herb for aiding healthy skin. It is most commonly used as a gel to help moisturize and soothe the skin. It can also help small cuts. Include aloe vera in your daily grooming routine for healthier, glowing skin.