Restart Your Health

I think that few of us realize how polluted this world has really become. I’m not just talking about the smoggy skys. Truth be told, the smog levels may be better today than it was 40 years ago. What I am talking about is all of the unnatural chemicals that come into our bodies from what we eat, drink, and breathe. In addition there are thousands of chemicals that can come into our bodies from what we put on our skin from lotions, shampoos, detergent, sanitizers, deodorants and fragrances. Just as a bucket under a dripping faucet will fill much quicker than expected, the chemicals we are exposed to can mount up to the point of overloading our bodies.

At some point, the body cannot keep up with the job of getting rid of these chemicals it has no use for and our health begins to be affected. If the liver, the bowels, the kidneys, the lungs or the skin can’t slough them off, then they become stored in the body. Many of these chemicals are irritating to the body, so the body tries to insulate them and tuck them away where they will do the least amount of damage. The perfect place is within the bodies fat. Ever know of anyone who exercised, cut their calories and still could not lose weight? This is typically because it is more advantageous for the body to hang on to the toxic fat than to release it into the blood stream and re-expose the body to these toxins. Can’t lose weight? – chances are your body is on toxic overload. Want to lose that weight? Cleansing the body is likely what you need.

This is what my wife decided to do. She went on a juice fast. Now many people understand that a fast is abstaining for everything – food and drink (including water). So technically a juice fast is not “a fast” in the strict definition. In a juice fast, you don’t eat, but you drink fresh juices all day long. The purpose of a juice fast is to flush the body with healthy vegetable and fruit juices, which will assist in eliminating toxins stored in the bodies tissues. The body has five major channels of elimination as mentioned above – the liver, bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs. It is vitally important that these organs are functioning for your body to eliminate toxins as well as unwanted fat. It makes no sense for the body to burn fat and release toxins if you are constipated and will reabsorb those same toxins. Likewise, if you are not drinking enough water during the day, the kidneys will not be able to adequately expel the wastes, because it will be more important that the body stay hydrated.

When on a juice fast, we drink a lot – approximately a gallon (128oz) per day. This includes fresh juices, such as carrot, apple, watermelon, etc., but also water, herb teas and vegetable broths. It is essential that your bowels and kidneys are working. Western Botanicals Colon Cleanse and Colon Detox can support the bowels moving to get rid of these wastes. If you are doing a juice fast properly, you will not feel like you are starving. While your caloric intake will be down, many report that their energy and sense of well-being goes up. Way up!

After three days of juicing, my wife reported that the joint pain was gone. She also noted that the chronic tension in her upper back was softening. She felt more relaxed and less prone to stress. After 7 days, she felt she was ready to start eating again. She started with freshly made sprouts, fruits and vegetables. During this first week of juicing, she also lost 15 pounds, which was an added bonus. During the next month, she followed up with another 5 day juice fast and another 7 day juice fast. Since then, the whole family has been juicing, enjoying not only the taste of these delicious juices (carrot, apple, ginger is one of our favorites) but also enjoying better health and more energy. You don’t need to do a juice fast to enjoy the benefits of juicing. But juice fasting is the quickest and most sure way to reap the benefits.

Time and space does not permit spelling out the whole juicing program, but I do want to share it with you. Our Juicing Program describes the benefits of Juicing. It includes 20 great recipes. It addresses what you can do to avoid hunger and how to handle any symptoms of cleansing that may come up.

Getting healthy is not for wimps. But it probably is not as difficult as you may be imagining. While it may seem easier to go to your doctor and take the drugs he gives you, in the long run, that really is the difficult route. You may find yourself saying that it sounds too hard, or isn’t there an easier way? But I challenge you to take an honest look at the direction your health is going. Do you look younger or older than others your age? Does it take you time in the morning to get out of bed and get moving for the day? Do you crave sweets, carbs, caffeine or alcohol? Is it more difficult losing weight than it seems like it should be? Is your blood pressure high? Is your blood sugar out of balance? Are you satisfied with your energy? Do you feel old and worn out?

Please understand that no one can get healthy for you. No one can eat for you. It is easy to criticize and find fault with a program such as this if you are not willing to study and learn more about it. But this program has been used by thousands of people who have re-started their health and in the process left behind unhealthy sagging old bodies.