In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let us take a quick look at how to have healthy breasts.  

Why don't we look at some simple steps we can take to have healthy breasts 

 1. Start today. 

Living healthy starts with today! You may not have done healthy things in your past, but do not let overwhelm stop you. Living healthy does not have to be complicated. Let us take it one step at a time.  

 2. Avoid caffeine. 

Caffeine is a stimulator of fibrocystic breast changes. Western Botanicals has wonderful herbal teas that do not contain caffeine. My favorite is Liver Detox Tea. Over the 20 years of me working here at Western Botanicals, I have heard of numerous people using Liver Detox Tea as a caffeine replacement, and they love it! Bold and aromatic, you can taste light notes of cardamom, black peppercorn, cinnamon, and ginger. Reminds me of a delicious chai.  

 3. Exercise. 

Exercise is a wonderful way to help your breasts! Exercise promotes healthy circulation, which also naturally supports detoxification. You don't have to have any special equipment to get your body moving. The American Cancer Society recommends at least 2.5 hours of exercise a week. If you are sedentary, I suggest that you start slowly. Don't get discouraged and keep plugging along. Your breasts will thank you.   

 4. Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables. 

Cruciferous veggies include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale, to name a few. Not only are cruciferous vegetables delicious, but they also help your body naturally detoxify itself. Some studies show that these foods support the detoxification of estrogen from the body.   

 5. Regular check-ups.  

You should be checking your breasts regularly. If you don't know how to do that, do an internet search, or ask your medical professional how to perform a self-check. One fun way to do a breast check is to ask your spouse. I'm sure that they won't mind!  

6. Maintain a healthy weight.  Maintaining a healthy weight is super important. I suspect that if you follow the simple tips mentioned above, you will start to get near your ideal weight. Your risk for unwanted problems grows with those extra pounds that you carry.   

7. Stay hydrated.  

Water is the best drink. It is refreshing; it contains no calories, and it cleanses your body. It is truly a guilt-free beverage. Herbal teas are an excellent drink to keep you hydrated as well.   

 8. Vitamin D for breast health.  

There is a lot of research praising the benefits of Vitamin D for breast and overall health. The best way to get vitamin D is from the sun, but supplementation may be necessary if your levels are low.   

 9. Mushrooms and Green tea. 

Finally, there are some simple foods and herbs that may assist you in achieving optimal breast health. Studies have shown that may reduce the risk of developing breast issues, according to a study of more than 2000 Chinese women.  

 10. Low amounts of lignans. 

Lignans include flax, chia, sesame, and may also decrease the risk of breast problems.  

 11. Herbs. 

Don't forget to try herbs as well. Western Botanicals' Female Balance formula contains herbs like Chaste tree berry, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai root, and a few, which may also help reduce the risk of developing breast issues and other female problems.  


For October, a percentage of Western Botanicals' sales will be contributing to the fight against breast cancer.