Now and again, a new product hits the market and takes it by storm. The trendy product often spills out into the mainstream, causing widespread discourse surrounding the ingredients. This is nothing new; some products come to stay, most fade into obscurity. Today, we will be discussing the latest entry into this long line of sudden hype gaining products: Kava Kava.  


What Is Kava Kava? 

When the name of an herb directly translates to "intoxicating pepper", you know you're in for an interesting experience. Native to the islands of the Pacific Ocean, Kava Kava is the name of an herbal remedy that is made from the roots of a plant that is called the "Piper methysticum". People that reside on these islands are said to have been consuming Kava Kava for hundreds of years. The roots of the plant may either be dried or crushed into a powder, after which they are mixed with water and are consumed as a drink. 


How Do You Consume Kava Kava? 

Kava Kava is consumed as a tea, but with our Kava Kava capsules, you can skip the bitter taste and just opt for the benefits. 


What is all the hype surrounding Kava Kava?  

Just what does this miracle herb do that makes it so popular? Kava kava has a high concentration of a substance known as kavapyrones. These kavapyrones stimulate our brain much in the same way that alcohol does. The end result is a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and serenity.  In addition to this, Kava Kava is also believed to help support health levels of pain, aid in the prevention of seizures, protect neurons from damage, and help relax muscles.  


The benefits of Kava Kava: 

Where do I buy Kava Kava?

As always, we recommend you research where you purchase your Kava Kava from. The Western Botanicals Kava Kava goes through in-house lab testing, contains no fillers, no binders, bottled in the USA, and 100% transparency in our ingredients manufacturing process.