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Happy Colon

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Sometimes a full colon cleanse is intimidating, or even unnecessary. Happy colon is recommended for those who desire a more gentle cleanse than you would experience from the standard colon cleanse. If you feel you're not getting all the nutrients you can out of your diet, a light colon cleanse may be the answer.

But first, what is a colon anyway? It is a long, tube-like organ that food waste passes through to exit your body. The colon, often known as the large intestine, is two or three times wider than the small intestine. This organ helps the last part of the digestion process after all the food waste goes through the small intestine. The colon absorbs sodium, salts, potassium, and different kinds of bacteria. Those bacteria build a stronger immune system. The colon is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

Aloe Vera leaf is an excellent herb to support waste removal, assist in proper blood flow, replenish the body with various nutrients, and support the removal of toxins from the colon. Happy Colon will strengthen the digestive tract through natural, herbal support and also stimulate the intestinal muscles of the colon. Over time, Happy Colon can help strengthen the large intestines as well.

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Begin with 1 capsule during or following the evening meal. This formula works best when taken with food. The following morning there should be an increase in bowel action and in the amoun of fecal matter that is elimated. If there is not a noticeable change in bowel behavior, increase the dosage by one capsule each day until proper bowel function is obtained.Discontinue use if abdominal cramps or diarrhea are present. Not recommended for use if pregnant or nursing.

Made from high quality herbs. Organic and wildcrafted herbs are used wherever possible, and vary from batch to batch.

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