About Us

Who are Western Botanicals?

We are a small family-run company, established in 1996, whose mission is to create the best and most effective supplements possible. The Western Botanicals story is one that began long before the birth of our first product. After years of taking subpar supplements and conventional products that only made things worse, we felt compelled to take matters into our own hands. We believe that nature provided us with solutions long before any of the problems. Our products are manufactured in our FDA-registered, state-of-the-art, certified organic facility in beautiful Spanish Fork, Utah. 



What is the Western Botanicals vision?

We believe in harnessing the power of nature. Natural herbs are whole foods that build health rather than chemicals designed to suppress symptoms. Herbs have been discovered to be a natural way to strengthen and build a healthy body.



What makes Western Botanicals different?

As a small family-run business, we only make supplements we take. They are the same supplements we give to our families, our friends, and to you. Because we make each product ourselves, you can expect high-quality proprietary recipes that have been perfected over the last 25+ years. We take pride in having a very personal, hands-on approach to everything we do, as it should be when it comes to your health and wellness. Our "customers" are considered family.



A major problem in today's supplement industry:

Have you looked at the label of some of the biggest brands and read the ingredients? Many herbal products sold to consumers are designed for the profitability of the manufacturer. The ingredients in these products are often inferior in quality. They often contain fillers, binders, and other unnecessary ingredients that are ineffective and a waste of money.



What are Western Botanicals doing to change that?

We only purchase the highest quality organic and wildcrafted herbs available to ensure pesticide and herbicide-free products. With over 1,000 herbs and 300+ formulations, we provide 100% ingredient transparency in all our products. We NEVER use any fillers, binders, or magnesium stearate in our products. Ever. No mystery ingredients. Only ingredients you can pronounce.



I am vegan/vegetarian. Can I still use Western Botanicals? 

At Western, we understand that supplements aren't a one-size-fits-all approach. We have something for everyone. All products are non-GMO; we offer vegan and vegetarian-friendly options and gluten/soy-free options.



Who loves Western Botanicals' products and why?

Our supplements are perfect for the wellness mama, health enthusiast, the "herb curious," or those who identify themselves as a "purist." Our customers love that our herbs are potent, rooted in history and tradition- grown with their feet in the soil and the sun on their faces. From wild elderberries, packed with vitamin C, to reishi mushroom, notorious for its powerful immune-boosting properties, our mission is to harness the power of nature.